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Technical Officer

Responsible for complex technical support and advice on aspects of agriculture such as research, production, forestry, servicing, agronomy, animal husbandry and marketing.

Alternative Titles

Agri Officer, Horticulturalist Technician, Milling Advisor, Technical Support, Senior parts Interpreter, Service Technician, Systems Specialist, Technical Support, GIS Officer


  • Advise, report and monitor nominated products/operations, including the preparation of field-books and data files for specific area of expertise
  • Recommends changes in facilities, equipment, and products to improve production
  • Informs manager of new procedures and techniques, government regulations and company and association production standards to enable them to upgrade farms/plant and meet requirements
  • Support customers and internal staff with technical expertise on nominated product or area
  • Manage internal and external generated data for operations in consultation with sales/marketing/operations
  • Monitor and provide regular updates to management on developments in the industry, relevant to the sector nominated
  • Assist management with commercial and industry issues including potential collaborators and service providers
  • May write or maintain management and operating procedures for all areas of responsibility.