Enhancing adaptive potential and genetic gain in chia and quinoa PhD Scholarship

Application close: 31 Oct 2018,
Status: Open

Chia and quinoa are superfood species that have an emerging role as break crops within cotton rotations in Northern Australian agriculture regions.This project, supported by Northern Australia Crop Research Alliance Pty Ltd (NACRA), UWA and CRC-P funding, will undertake research toward understanding fundamental responses of chia/ quinoa to environmental stimuli such as light and/or abiotic stress factors. The successful candidate will work closely with Prof. William Erskine, Dr Janine Croser (SAgE) and industry collaborators to use novel tools to better understand the underlying gene pathways involved in the response of these species to key stress factors. Platforms for more rapid genetic gain will be developed and used to enhance the adaptive potential of these crops.  Outputs of this research will be:1. Enhanced knowledge of genetic pathways involved in response to light/ stress2. A platform for more rapid genetic gain based on controlled environment growth