Peter Westblade Scholarship

Application open: 17 Sep 2018
Status: Open

The Peter Westblade Scholarship honours the Late Peter Westblade, a true visionary passionate about breeding profitable sheep and a strong supporter of young people interested in agriculture.

The Peter Westblade Scholarship exists to promote the practical skills associated with the sheep and wool industry and aims to deliver hands on experience and mentoring to young people aspiring for a career in this dynamic industry.

The Scholarship provides:

  • Mentoring from industry innovators and leaders
  • Opportunities to be involved in the sheep and wool industries largest commercial genetic trial
  • Opportunities to be involved with Sheep CRC activities and initiatives
  • Practical training appropriate to the skill set required in the sheep and wool industry
  • An opportunity to develop wider networks of key contact in the sheep and wool industry
  • Travel opportunities; Resource books
  • Promotion, utilisation and adoption of new technologies